I have been using ZA for a number of years
with free, ZAP and ZASS versions and I now have an issue I can't resolve.
I have a Win 2k machine with ZASS 7.0.483 which has lost internet access and does not resolve the IP address to a trusted network.
In fact, there is no network entry in the Firewall zones at all, only the loopback adaptor.
To allow internet access I am required to lower the internet firewall level to Medium.
Trying to do a clean uninstall and file/registry clean does not solve the issue, and I am not promted to select the zone for a new network.
Any help or suggestions appreciated.
Win2k Pro SP4Wireless access to Netgear WPN824v2 router using LucidLink client (WPA security)ZASS version:

Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite