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    florestan Guest

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    Hi there,

    I've recently bought a laptop with Vista Home Premium installed. Long story short: I can only download the first ~95k of any file from any website with any browser. I've narrowed down the problem to ZA Suite, build (latest available). I have not been able to find any solutions. Any help is much appreciated.

    Long story:
    After I bought the laptop last week, I updated Vista with all current hotfixes etc. First thing on was ZA Suite ( and configured it to match my 2 other XP Pro machines. Everything was status quo, keeping all configurations the same. Then I installed my network (which was not easy) so I could see all PC's and have complete internet / print server access. Fine, no problem. Blah blah blah, lots of software & drivers to install, but the whole time if I needed to get a file from the internet, I had to use another PC and then transfer the file over to my new laptop. Odd. Must have something set wrong somewhere. If I turn ZA Suite OFF (shutdown the firewall completely), I can download anything just fine. BUT, turn it back on and only the first ~95k and then it stops. FireFox will state that the download is complete. IE7 will act like it downloaded, but doesn't. Any suggestions???

    I've checked all the following:
    - Microsoft Firewall is OFF
    - Microsoft Bit Defender is OFF (well, for now)
    - Network is properly configured (same as it always has been, really)
    - Vista is up to date
    - ZA Suite is up to date
    - I have no other Anti-Spyware / Virus / firewall software (this is it)

    ZA Suite settings:
    - Internet Zone is set to HIGH
    - Trusted Zone is set to MEDIUM
    - I've (always) had my router, local LAN IP's, primary & secondary DNS servers set for TRUSTED ZONE
    - no expert rules
    - Program control: still in learning mode, but have double checked that FireFox / IE 7 have SUPER trusted level (3 green bars)
    - Smart Defense Advisor is in AUTOMATIC
    - Automatic Lock is ON
    - Anti-Virus & Spyware are up to date, with standard settings
    - cookie control & ad blocking are on (but have the same settings on other PC's with no problems)
    - Mobil code control is OFF (for now)
    - parental control is OFF
    - ID protection is OFF

    Thanks a bunch everyone!

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    florestan Guest

    Default Re: Blocked downloads

    Nuthin, eh? I didn't think this one was going to be easy... Let me know if anyone finds anything (or is in the same boat!)

    ~Muchas gracias!

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    hammernu Guest

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    As some of the gurus have mentioned, the reason that one to two months passes before ZoneAlarm security products pop up a new version announcement
    is to give time for any new problems to be found and corrected. You may want to do a
    clean unininstall of and install the prior release,

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    newperson Guest

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    hi, i was on the forum a while ago, and also said about being unable to download software with zonealarmpro version 8 running. once stopped i was able to download, i did recieve a answer about making sure that programs have access in program control which they do. but i still cannot download files with zonealarmpro running also if i use getrightpro, i get a message
    from windows saying zonealarmclient has encountered a problem. please help.

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    newperson Guest

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    hi, the message i get from windows is that truevector- service has stooped working. when i try to use getrightpro, thanks for your help.

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    hammernu Guest

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    You both may want to read the instructions in this link. Hopefully, it will contain some helpful and relevant information:

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    florestan Guest

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    Anyone have this problem with the new version 8.0.020?

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    <BLOCKQUOTE><HR>Florestan wrote:
    Anyone have this problem with the new version 8.0.020?
    <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>It is Sometimes very Difficult to Diagnose and fix a Computer from halfway across the Country,
    without All the Details,without the ability to sit in front of your Computer monitor and see what's going on..

    1.) Which Flavor of ZoneAlarm? Free, Pro, Suite, AV/AS ?

    2.) Win XP or Vista?

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    florestan Guest

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    George - All the info you are asking for is listed in my original post. I was having this problem with 8.0.015 and am now wondering if anyone has had the same issue with the next version available.

    Thank you.

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