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    After updating to the most recent version of Zone Alarm I have been having connection issues on my network. I am behind a d-link wbr 2310 router, running 2 xp pro desktops and a vista premium laptop all hard wired behind the router and networked together. the two xp machines run zone alarm all the time while on the laptop I only run ZA for the occasioanal scan, the firewalls on all machines are turned off (both windows and ZA) because I am behind the router. After updating to the most recent version( on all systems I am have connection issues between the vista and the xp pro machines, I can no longer browse the network with the vista machine and end up being "kicked" off my network and also loose my internet connection as well after about 5 minutes on the laptop., this is just after updating ZA on the vista machine and it is not even running! After I removed ZA from the laptop everything returned to normal. I have not found a solution for this issue, and wonder if anyone has similar experience. This seemed to be a problem with the net-bios names of the computers as I was getting event errors #8003 on the xp os and error #4321 on the laptop with vista, basically saying that one (XP) wanted to be the master browser and that the 2 computers had the same ip address or net-bios names. This was not the case after much time wasted! when I removed ZA from the laptop running vista everything went back to normal. I am just writing this as more of warning than anything else as my subscription is about to expire and will probably trya diffrent av solution, so tired of programs that you pay for changing settings and such without any info or warnings that they are doing this.

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    to the Zone Alarm User Forum..VERY IMPORTANT: Please Report the details of your Problem Directly to ZA Tech Support for FREE at (preferably withIE Browser)The more Users that Report this AV/AS Update or Slow Shut Down or connection issues onyour networkproblem directly to Tech Support, with their Details and what they did to try and resolve the issue, the Sooner Tech support will find a FIX for the problem..Tech Support may ask for your ZA Log Files, and tell you how to do that-----------------------------I Suggest going back to ZASS Version 7.0.483.000Until the Developers come up with a Fix..Go to the following Forum Link and follow the Instructions..
    ZoneAlarm® Extreme Security

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