A few days ago, I was prompted to install an update which turned out to be version 8 ( and have a completely different interface to version 7.

Ever since then, I've been experiencing all the problems with CPU performance and internet connection anyone can think of:

1. system start-up takes MUCH longer (easily takes 5-10 mins)
2. internet connection becomes temperamental and unstable
3. problem loading websites
4. wouldn't allow me to log on to websites with CORRECT log-in details
5. privacy alerts no longer indicate which of the websites and which of a website's settings is causing loading problem
6. MS Office applications and others (such as Adobe) take much longer to open up
7. system shut-down takes even MUCH longer - we are talking about at least 20 mins!!

This version is a nightmare - why did ZA send me an automatic update that is causing havoc to my computer??

I was already experiencing problems with version 7 and hoping an update would fix them. Little did I know version 8 would take these problems to an extreme.

For your information, I just performed a system recovery to the factory condition (XP Home) and then installed XP SP 3, updated only MS applications and browers a week before installing your update so my computer is as clean as a brand new one and have very few pieces of software running.

I bought ZA to protect my computer/internet use, not to prohibit myself from using the computer/internet.

I have also written in to Tech Support but hope that someone here may also be kind and wise enough to shed some light.

Operating System:
Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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