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Thread: File copy over network freezes part way through

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    mikeslogin Guest

    Default File copy over network freezes part way through

    Hi all,
    I just finished a new computer build and am having problems with Zone Alarm blocking network file copies.
    First some background on the computer:
    Brand new home-built computer... (gigabyte EP45-UD3R motherboard, E8400 core 2 duo, ATI HD4670, WD 1TB HD)Clean install of XP Pro SP2 from authentic MS CD.Then I installed the mother board drivers (chipset, audio, LAN) and video card driversThen I installed windows SP3 (but no other updates, I had auto updates turned off temporarily)
    At this point I was able to copy a file across the network from my second computer (also XP SP3, with zonealarm)
    Then I installed zone alarm, the newest free version, 7.0.483 and added my subnet to the trusted zone.
    At this point I tried again to copy the same file from the same network location as before.
    I was monitoring network activity using the task manager (I have this level of detail because this was the second time I had reformatted this computer, the first time I discovered this problem after installing lots of stuff so I wanted to narrow it down).
    When I dragged the file onto
    my desktop from the shared network location it would start to copy, and I'd see a very short
    spike in network activity up to about 70%, and then the transfer would freeze.
    The file was 75 MB, and it'd get to around the 15% complete mark.
    It never would finish, but would give some error about the file not being found after a long time-out.
    This is 100% repeatable after multiple reboots and configuration changes etc.
    If I right-click on zonealarm and disable it, the problem remains.
    But if I uninstall zonealarm the problem goes away and I'm once again able to transfer the file as expected.
    I've installed and uninstalled zonealarm several times and this is also 100% repeatable.
    I have verified that the windows firewall is disabled for all of this.
    Just in case, I then went and installed all of the remaining windows patches/updates.
    And I installed Norton Antivirus.
    That is all that I've got installed on the computer at this point, it's essentially a clean build.
    And still, with zonealarm installed I get this copy problem, with it disabled, still the same problem, with it uninstalled, no problem.
    I've compared this installation with my second computer that is also XP SP3 with zonealarm because it works fine
    (different motherboard etc, but same software setup).
    I've made certain that the zonealarm settings match exactly, no change.
    I don't have any other ideas on where to look or what settings to adjust.
    Just FYI, I'm running through a LinkSys WRT54G wireless router running DD-WRT firmware, both computers are hard-wired to the router.
    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions???
    This is driving me nutz, I can't figure out where to go from here.....

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: File copy over network freezes part way through

    It should work.

    Subnet may not be enough. On each computer add IPs of the other computer as trusted or use a range to WRT54+DDwrite shouldn't make any difference (I use Hyperwrt).

    The puzzling thing to me is that it starts copying and fails midstream. Do smaller files work?

    It seems to me that there's a slightly different Windows behavior when you use mapped drives vs the common workgroup in Network Neighborhood. I haven't decided if it's a real difference or my imagination. But, since it looks like you're willing to try things, I thought I'll throw that idea at you as well.

    The main purpose of computers is to drive us nuts

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    mikeslogin Guest

    Default Re: File copy over network freezes part way through

    Thanks for the suggestions, here goes.....
    I did try mapping the network location to a drive, it made no difference.
    I also added an IP range ( to and that made no difference.
    I added the other computer to the trusted zone as a single IP, and this may have changed something, the first time I tried to copy the big file it worked, but slower than it should have.
    But then I tried again immediately after and it froze just like always.
    Then I spent some time browsing around trying to copy files of different sizes.
    Even browsing the file structure sometimes would freeze up for 10's of seconds.
    When it worked, I could copy smaller files on the order of 2 MB in size just fine, but even that would sometimes freeze up or sputter.
    By sputter I mean, it would start fine, then pause for seconds to 10's of seconds, then start up again.
    Sometimes finish, sometimes just never start up again.
    Very odd...
    Again, with it uninstalled, all this stuff just works fine, no slowness, no sputtering, no pauses or freezes.
    It seems that in the fight with this computer I'm definitely losing......
    And I am willing and anxious to try any suggestion.
    I'm not continuing to set up this computer (install the rest of my software and move my data files) until this problem is fixed so for now there is little to lose.
    Any other ideas?Mike

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: File copy over network freezes part way through

    It's ZA free, so antivirus should not be in the picture. I thought perhaps ZA is doing a serious virus check.

    And since it works with ZA off - about the only thing I can think of is some of your ZA settings.
    On the Programs tab, check for windows exlorer to have two cheks from the left, just in Access.
    Also make sure that Generic Host Process (svchost.exe) has 3 checks from the left.
    If you see an entry for services, give it two or three checks from the left.

    On the firewall tab, in zones, make sure to include as trusted localhost and DNS server(s) which is probably your router IP

    On the firewall tab, main tab, make sure Trusted zone security slider is at medium, not high.

    I would also set Alerts to ON the show all alerts. Perhaps you will see what ZA thinks is happening. Also review the ZA daily lo. It's on c;\windows\internet logs. there's also a fwpktlog.txt file there. It's overwritten daily. See if anything there.

    I'm out of ideas at this point other than the review of settings I proposed.

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    mikeslogin Guest

    Default Re: File copy over network freezes part way through

    Thanks for the help.
    I have already check all of those things actually, when comparing the settings between the two comptuers (the one that works and the one that doesn't).
    It's all set as you described.

    Well, at this point I'm probably going to go ahead and finish the build and move all my data files over so I can start using the computer.
    I'll keep trying things as I can think of them and we'll see if it ever gets to working again....

    Guess the computer wins this round......

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: File copy over network freezes part way through - NEED GURU HELP!

    Computers usually do

    Are you 100% sure that it can work without ZA in the picture.
    I keep thinking it could be one of the disc drives being slow or failing, but that thought is totally inconsistent with it sometimes working.
    Regardless, I'd check the Event log (use Control panel), SYSTEM section for drive trouble. You can sort the log on the columns then look for D where disc errors will be.
    Encryption and RAM trouble also come to mind.
    Another thing is the usual - check disk and defrag - any troubles there?
    Any clues which computer is causing the stops? Source? Destination?

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