have used ZA for a while and happy with it
when i had problems with (i'm new to itunes!) version 8 Itunes i thought simple
go into into ZA and adjust a couple of settings and of you go....
now weeks later and still no itunes i need to solve this
or my itunes player will be paperweight (not quite)

first step
have gone into program control - programs tab Clicked Add - browse find Itunes.exe and
i think i'd expect to see itunes.exe in the list - i dont, shut down za and restart
check program control - programs Itunes.exe not there
try adding multiple times no luck

remove an existing program from the list - try adding it in - no luck
repeat the above 3 times - can't add any programs to program control

think i need to fix this before i go any further

thank you to anyone who can help - it is nice of you to take the time

Operating System:Windows Vista Business
Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro