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Thread: Alert to install ZoneAlarm

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    I think you were having a smile when you posted your reply to me re taking a year to upgrade. I am not usually that slow, but caught up in the end as I explained in my last follow up post.

    I searched high and low on google for a ZoneAlarm uninstall utility to no avail before taking the bull by the horns to upgrade - then taking Revo's advice to install ver:8 over ver:7. I have now downloaded and saved that uninstalll utility in case one day the nag screens start again to prompt me to upgrade to ver:9 heaven forbid

    Thank you for your advice re a new system, mine are running so well, this one is 6 years old and Laptop 5. Knowing how to maintain them is 98% of keeping them going at top speed. Like a house really as I tell folk in forums, has to be cleaned weekly with a good maintenance program.

    Have a great 2010

    best regards,

    errrrrr! those image verifications are a test to the system, my system.

    Further edit: Just a follow up naivemelody and a request....

    Would you look at this link and maybe in future as a suggestion, please not give direct links to utility tools as users like to read about the recommended software before downloading them. Digerati fortunately found this link which is of great help to the not so knowledged.

    best regards,
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