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Thread: Firefox loads webpages incompletely with firefox

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    kawfey Guest

    Default Firefox loads webpages incompletely with firefox

    I was recently hacked so i thought it would be good measure to get a firewall in order to prevent such a thing from occurring once again. I chose the zonealarm internet security suite based on its excellent ratings, and that it had antivirus/spyware included. I had to download it from a different computer on the network because at like %99.5 completion it said the server wasn't found and a certain file wouldn't download on this computer...meanwhile it installed fine and worked.

    Except for Firefox. Browsing most of the internet is near impossible because now with zonealarm, Firefox loads everything and anything only partially, ranging from simple html pages with no pictures, to gmail, to youtube and so on. However with other browsers like IE, opera, and Google Chrome, everything works.

    I've looked for info on the problem, but found nothing very similar. I did try reinstalling both Firefox and zonealarm, and i made sure that the program control allowed all internet access to Firefox. Firefox's safe mode wouldn't load any pages at all. Nothing i tried worked so far, except repeadly hitting refresh until the page seems to be fully loaded.

    Any ideas on a fix?

    Thanks in advance,

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    kawfey Guest

    Default Re: Firefox loads webpages incompletely with firefox

    I've fixed it to a point. In the program control in the Zonealarm GUI, i set firefox to "no enforcement" rather than "super" or "trusted." Gmail loads as well as most videos, but some html formatting doesn't seem right as if many objects are missing.

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