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Thread: Internet blocked after disabling/enabling local area connection

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    zaclueless Guest

    Default Internet blocked after disabling/enabling local area connection

    I'm using Win XP Pro SP3 and Zonealarm version

    I was looking at my Network Connections window and right clicked the Local Area Connection to choose the Disable option because I was testing out my internet connection. I then right clicked it again and selected Enable. But when I did, an orange warning from Zonealarm came up saying that something was blocked, but I ignored it and clicked OK because I thought I was safe since it was triggered right after I enabled the internet connection. But now I can't connect to the internet. The Local Area Connection icon says that there's limited or no connectivity.

    I checked under the Alerts and Logs section of Zonealarm, and the log that got recorded at the moment this all happened says

    Type: Firewall
    Protocol: UDP
    Program: svchost.exe
    Direction: routed
    Action taken: blocked
    Count: 1

    I'm not completely sure this is the right log, but I'm 97% sure. How do I get my internet back and what can I do so that this doesn't happen every time I disable/enable my local area connection?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    zaclueless Guest

    Default Re: Internet blocked after disabling/enabling local area connection

    I right clicked the log that I mentioned above and added it to the trusted site, and now my internet works. Just so I could test whether this was the real problem or not, I deleted this from the trusted zone again and disabled my local area connection icon under network connections. I waited a bit and then enabled it again, but it connected without any problems. No orange warnings like last time and no blocked internet. Is there something wrong here? I don't know why the same thing doesn't happen from the same trigger.

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