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Thread: ZAP 8.0.059 blocks first OE mailbox, first time

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    petersoul Guest

    Default ZAP 8.0.059 blocks first OE mailbox, first time

    It's hard to imagine a less annoying access problem than this, on upgrading to ZAP 8.0.059!
    I use Windows XP, IE7, Outlook Express 6, and dial-up.
    When I press Send/Recv, OE looks in my three mailboxes at the ISP.
    I had no problems upgrading ZAP (from 7.0).
    But now, the first time after dial-up, OE always fails to get through to the first mailbox ("Cannot connect to the mail server&quot.
    But then if I press Send/Recv a second time, it accesses all three without hesitation.
    If I rearrange the list of mailboxes, still it's the first one that fails.
    If I disable ZAP, the problem disappears.
    If I uninstal & reinstal ZAP, it doesn't disappear.
    OE is fully authorized
    in the
    Program Control list.
    I guess the cause is pretty trivial too, but what might it be?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    petersoul Guest

    Default Re: ZAP 8.0.059 blocks first OE mailbox, first time

    More information about my difficulty:Having dialed up, if I download an internet page, and then in OE press Send/Recv, all mailboxes are accessed without a problem. It's only if Send/Recv is the first action (or if I press it first and then dial up), that ZAP apparently blocks access to the first mailbox in the list, first time around.
    How/why is ZAP 8.0.059 doing this?
    Is it only doing it to me?

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    tekno_notice Guest

    Default Re: ZAP 8.0.059 blocks first OE mailbox, first time

    I have eactly
    the same problem.

    If I Use Outlook to dial the Service provider, the first conection ALWAYS fails.
    If I dial again as soon as the previous attempt has finisished or I set a second attempt to download my mail in the same connection attempt the mail downloads fine.
    Also If I connect first to my Dial up provider, do ANYTHING but collect mail then collect the mail it works.
    If the first thing I do is try to collect mail (regardless of time online) it fails on the first attempt.
    I do have a broadband connection BUT
    I need to maintain a legacy mailbox for a number of reasons.
    Vista 64ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version: (BETA)
    Virtual Windows XP 32 (sp3)ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:

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    petersoul Guest

    Default Re: ZAP 8.0.059 blocks first OE mailbox, first time

    Thank you -- so it wasn't just me!

    I confess I don't have to worry about the problem, now that I have acquired broadband. But isn't it (mildly) annoying!


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