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Thread: ICS Unstable with Zonealarm Pro

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    yuan Guest

    Default ICS Unstable with Zonealarm Pro


    I have a wireless network with 2 USB Dongles, one pc shares my internet connection with ICS and have ZoneAlarm Pro installed, the other one have only Windows XP Firewall. When ZoneAlarm Firewall is active, Internet connection in the pc who receives ICS connection, becames unstable. For example, Windows Live Messenger loses connection constantly and downloads stops ramdonly, but network works fine (no packet loses with ping, file transfers between computers is fast and signal is very good).

    When I shutdown Zonealarm, internet connection in the pc who receives ICS connection becames stable. I've configured ZoneAlarm as an ICS/NAT gateway into advanced options and tried to reinstall it (after a clean unninstal) but nothing works, don't know what to do...

    Help me please.


    Operating System:
    Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Pro

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    xenixaz Guest

    Default Re: ICS Unstable with Zonealarm Pro

    I have exactly the same problem! ICS server is running WindowsXP pro SP3, Zone Alarm Pro Checked "This computer is an ICS/NAT gateway.
    I have an access point connected to ICS server, which is providing wireless connection to a laptop.
    Laptop is running WindowsXP SP2, Zone Alarm Pro Checked "This computer is a client of an ICS/NAT gateway running Zone Alarm Pro.
    Every several minutes I lose internet connection for several seconds: downloads are stopped, Live Messenger and Skype goes offline. I have used wireless router before and had no problems.
    Is this some kind of incompatibility or a bug?

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    yuan Guest

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    I've researched a lot, even formatted the pc and nothing resolved the issue. Just moved to another firewall solution and everything worked fine.

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