I use a modem to connect to the Internet via AOL (yup, some of us still do that).
I have used ZoneAlarm Basic firewall for a long time and never had any problems (barring the
issue with a MS update late last year).
That is, until I installed ZoneAlarm Basic 8.0 -
now I cant get past the password check with AOL and therefore cannnot connect to the Internet with ZA 8.0 running.
I can see the symptoms of the problem - the packets between the AOL servers and my computer are being blocked.
This never happened before ZoneAlarm 8.0, but it is definitely happending now. If I understand the problem correctly, I have two options:
1. Set the Internet Security to Medium (versus High)OR2.
Determine the IP address of every
possible AOL server I might connect to and add these addresses to my Trusted Zone (and I am
going to take a wild guess and say
are talking hundreds of servers).
Do I have a decent grasp of the problem?
Any advice?
I use XP home edition and keep it updated.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)