Hi All,
Been using **bleep** Firewall, since ZA didn't have a compatable version for Vista x64. Been using ZA on my XP Boxes for a while without any issues for a number of years, so I would call myself an expirienced user? Finally learnt that ZA was available for my Ultimate x64 version so uninstalled **bleep** & Installed ZA Pro. Installtion went without a hitch, however on running my Vista x64 Box, after a while, the Internet stops working?? No Web Pages load, Just the Green Bar moves "slowly" Can't even access my Netgear Router Setup/Configuration Page. Thought first of all it might be uTorrent causing the problems as it froze as well, but uninstalled it, & still the same. I even shutdown ZA Pro once I'd rebooted once & the same thing happened, I have since uninstalled ZA Pro & have had 2 days of uninterrupted browsing, so the fault lies with ZA Pro...
Read some posts here & have checked the DNS Servers etc are in the "Trusted Zone, also Loopback/Localhost was added, checked for the usual Microsoft programs & all seems OK. Has NE1 any more suggestions, I've checked for any Newer "Beta" versions, but couldn't find any....Currently only running the Vista Firewall until I decide what my next step is, would really like ZA Pro to function correctly as in my Opinion it's the best product out there!!
Any help/Tips would be greatly appreciated

Operating System:Windows Vista 64 bit
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro