Greetings -- long time ZA user.
I have installed ZA 8 on a new PC with Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1.
My home network is viewable on this PC (and is working on other laptops and PCs in my home) and when it connects -- all works fine.
When I am ready to engage ZA (to block internet traffic -- right click on the tray icon to stop all internet activity -- the red padlock appears), is when the problem starts.
With the RED PACKLOCK -- whith I right click on the Red Padlock to now gain access to the internet, my wirelss (hime netwrok) connection drops....When I try to reconnect to my network (it is visable) --- it refuses to connect (even thougth other pcs and laptops are working on the home network) ... and I must RE_BOOT to get back on my network.
Then, as soon as I engage the padlock, then reopen the padlock .... the wireless network is kicked off and I can not re-connect to the network ... only way to reconnect to the net work is to Re_boot.
Any Ideas?
Any Sugestions?
Help Please!
Thanks you!

Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite