I just discovered that when I have Zone Alarm Security Suite installed,
the Diskeeper Boot time defrag fails.
There is something in Zone Alarm or Kaspersky that interferes with it.
When I uninstall Zone Alarm Security suite,
everything works just fine.
I was able to reproduce this problem on 3 different computers.
I'm wondering if there are any other persons having this issue and what did they do to solve it. I tried turning off the Zone Alarm boot-time protection and a few other things but it didn't make a difference. I also checked to make sure that I have the latest versions of Zone Alarm.
I could
only run the Diskeeper boot time defrag after completely uninstalling the Zone Alarm Security Suite.
going forward in
choosing a firewall/AV suite, I will probably have to find another product if I can't get this resolved.
System performance is important to me (I'm a gamer).
Zone Alarm all the time is not an option as it hooks into too many programs.

Any suggestions would be appreciated???

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite