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Thread: ZA ISS prevents VPN connection

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    rmilling Guest

    Default ZA ISS prevents VPN connection

    I have been using ZA Pro and ZA ISS for several years with very few problems.
    Recently, I upgraded ZA ISS to 8.0.298 and now I can no longer make a connection with Nortel VPN client.
    This worked fine with prior versions.
    Uninstall ZA ISS and the VPN client works fine.

    Lenovo Thinkpad T60, WinXP Pro SP2 and latest updates

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: ZA ISS prevents VPN connection

    PLEASE report to tech support, it's important that your voice counts.

    Few users reverted to version 8.0.059 - but you can read the details here:

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    Charles_B Guest

    Default Re: ZA ISS prevents VPN connection

    Some general info in Configuring ZoneAlarm security software for VPN traffic that might be of interest
    on pages 231 to 232. of the Version 8.0 User Guide

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    rmilling Guest

    Default Re: ZA ISS prevents VPN connection

    Used the tsform and reported the problem.

    Since then the update was released.
    I installed that and still have the same symptoms.
    Disabling ZA ISS does not eliminate the problem.
    A complete uninstall was required.
    I reverted to, on one system so I can use the VPN.

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