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Thread: What?!? "Stop all Internet activity" DOESN'T!

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    ambush Guest

    Default What?!? "Stop all Internet activity" DOESN'T!

    When I'm not at my computer, I always set ZoneAlarm Pro to the "Stop all Internet activity" state. I had complete confidence that ZoneAlarm Pro did what it said and blocked ALL Internet communications.

    That confidence has just now been shaken. I came back to my computer after several hours away with the "Stop all Internet activity" state set, and discovered that my anti-virus tool (Avira Desktop Premium) showed a report that said it had just updated the virus definition database successfully! It reported "4 files have been updated". That message never stays put long, so I know it wasn't a hold-over from hours past, when I last had Internet activity enabled!

    To double-check, I enabled Internet access through ZoneAlarm and told Avira to check for new updates, but it reported that it had already been updated, just as it had indicated! I tried setting "Stop all Internet activity" again then manually tried to update the defs, but this time ZoneAlarm had correctly disabled Internet access and the update failed for that reason.

    But then I looked at Avira's logs, and it DID report that it had successfully updated it's definitions right during the period that I was CERTAIN that ZoneAlarm was set to "Stop all Internet activity"!

    How did that happen? Does "Stop all Internet activity" stop all Internet activity or not? Can something slip past that after all? What's the deal?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: What?!? "Stop all Internet activity" DOESN'T!

    You may have long ago allow Antivir to Pass the lock and forgot about it. That's what I do for them. If not, then you do have an issue.

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    ambush Guest

    Default Re: What?!? "Stop all Internet activity" DOESN'T!

    Thanks, zaswing, for your interesting reply.

    I didn't know one could allow a program to "pass the lock"! So I examined the help file and read about setting the "Enable Passlock" option. Although there are about a dozen Avira-related program listings in the "Programs" tab, not even ONE of them had the "Enable Passlock" option turned on. (It sure would be great if I could somehow search or list every program that has "Passlock" enabled, but I have hundreds of entries and there's no way I'd want to go through them all individually. Is there some other way to do that?)

    Does the "Passlock" feature bypass the explicit "Stop all Internet Activity" or just the optional "automatic lock" setting? If it does bypass the "Stop all Internet Activity" state, then in my very strong opinion, calling it "Stop all Internet Activity" is dangerously deceptive!

    I've never set ANY program to the "Enable Passlock" state, and to the best of my knowledge I've never enabled "automatic lock" in all the years I've used ZAP. Can those things be enabled without the user doing it explicitly or otherwise knowing of it?

    I'm alarmed by this information that "Stop all Internet Activity" may not do what it says. Please continue to educate me about these features...

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: What?!? "Stop all Internet activity" DOESN'T!

    If you haven't set Pass Lock, then I'd suggest you contact the tech support.
    Just have your license key handy in a notepad to paste into the form.
    If you want to manually check if any of your programs have the Pass Lock enabled, do this:
    Save your configuration. It'll get .xml extension.
    Open it using Notepad.
    Copy the line below, and then use Find in Notepad for this phrase
    which might bring up your avira programs, but most likely will return nothing.
    The normal setting is

    Please be careful with that file. Change nothing, because if you make an error, you'll break your ZA backup and then ZA won't work if you decide to use that backup.

    In older versions of ZA (I think 5.5 maybe last), Pass lock was one of the visible columns, right on the Programs list tab, easy to set, easy to see. But somebody, in their wisdom moved it to the options behind the programs. I share your concern of too much work.
    However, it does not set itself. It's just not one of the default settings as far as I know.
    "Stop all internet activity" is the one where I do passlock. It also works for me without clicking the "Stop..." when I go to screen saver mode since I do want AV to update behind my back.

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