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Thread: IP Stack will not load after installing ZA

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    poptopp Guest

    Default IP Stack will not load after installing ZA

    It appears as if anything to do with IP fails after installing.
    I have Vista Busienss SP1 with all of the current patches.
    No unusual software, vpns, or background processes.
    It's a Dell system.
    I made sure that all reminents of previous installations were removed by performing a clean uninstall and manually
    removing the suggested folders, files, and registry entries described in this forum.
    Then I installed a fresh
    download of the INET Security Suite trial version.

    What I find is this:
    ipconfig /all
    does not list any network interfaces.
    It only lists the host name, pri dns suffix, ip routing enabled (no), and wins proxy enabled (no).My LAN status shows that the interface is enabled (media state = enabled), but that IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity is "not connected".My device driver status for the interface indicates that the device is working properly.
    tried clearing the automatic loading the application without success.
    I also tried
    preventing the true vector service from loading by
    renaming the vsmon.exe file to vsmon.exe.bak without success.
    I also tried running the command "netsh int ip reset" without success.
    uninstall with /clean /rmlicense does not restore any of my connections.
    I have to go to a previous restore point to return my interfaces to a working state.
    Any clues?

    Operating System:Windows Vista Business
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Charles_B Guest

    Default Re: IP Stack will not load after installing ZA

    You could find your answer by typing " tcp and lsp " or " ip stack " in Red Search Button.Lots of
    info by Guru Oldsod.

    Hope this helps


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