Hallo , I got free zone alarm but it causes problems to one site.
The site is www.khanwars.nl. www.khanwars.com also exist but i dont
know that it causes the same problems as on .nl, but probably it
should be. Everytime i log on to the site .nl after making some
actions on the site, my browsers get carshed. What i mean with crash,
is that the site tries to get a page open but it doesn't open but it
keeps trying. When i leave the browser open and i open a new browser
it also keeps trying to publish my home page but it doesn't appear.
When i want to close my browser, it gets closed but stays open in
taks manager. When i end process in task manager then it doesn't get
ended. I use firefox as browser and IE and both browsers get the same
problem. Than i have to restart my pc. After restarting my pc, i can
surf to everywhere without problems untill i log on to www.khanwars.nl
Before i installed Zone Alarm these problems didn't exist!!

This message comes from Belgium.

So it is caused by Zone Alarm.

And i can't install Zone Alarm version 7 cause version 7 doesn't work with Vista X64

Operating System:
Windows Vista 64 bit
Software Version:
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm (Free)

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