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Thread: XP and Vista Networking issues

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    learninglinux Guest

    Default XP and Vista Networking issues

    Hi Folks,

    I have googled this and searched the ZA forums, but not found a solution, and feel this is a unique ZA problem.

    I have an XP Pro PC (SP 2) and Vista Home Premium (SP1) Laptop. I have connected both computers to 'MSHOME' and I could connect to either PC's shared folders from the other, via my wireless router (a netgear wgr614v9 for those that care about these things). I then use my xbox to stream from either PC to my TV.

    The XP machine was already running ZA - (ISS I think - firewall and antivirus with spam filter) and the laptop standard windows (defender, firewall etc) - both computers also running latest versions of 'Spybot - Search & Destroy/Teatimer' and 'Spyware Blaster' (just in case this is causing some sort of random conflict with new ZA ES!) running in the background.

    Yesterday I installed the newest ZA 'Extreme Security' on both computers (a 3 license version) and set up the IP addresses (assigned using DCHP, but assigned a fixed IP through the router) of both computers to the trusted zone, on the other machine (if that makes sense!).

    I put all of the ZA settings at the highest sensitivity, and have been blocking / allowing things on an ad-hoc basis (not ticking the 'always do this' option) just to make sure I dont accidentally restrict something important! (He said thinking that in actuality he probably has done this exact thing!)

    Now, everything else is running perfectly (as far as I know) - including the XP PC can still connect to the shared folders on the Vista machine and the xbox, BUT for some reason the Vista Laptop won't connect to the XP PC. I can see the computer name, but everytime I click on it, it just hangs.

    I am trying / have tried various combinations of windows firewalls on and off, zonealarms on or off and have got it to work with one of the computers running ZA, but not both... I seem to have blocked something (process, service, something..!) in ZA that is stopping the Vista machine connecting to the XP one... but which service/process, and on which machine?! (If this is indeed the problem...).

    Happy to provide any further info, and will try and find links to other sites that I have followed trouble-shooting on to show what I have already done.

    Cheers, Pete

    N.B. - I have done nothing else to either PC since I discovered the problem apart from enabling a few services and tinkering with firewall settings etc to try and get the machines talking.

    The XP user has admin rights, but currently the Vista user profile I am using doesn't (I can change it if need be, but would rather not).

    (Reposted again as the 'email' tick box unticked itself :s)

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

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    Default Re: XP and Vista Networking issues

    Hi!not an expert at all on networking. But there are few basic rules to respect to share resources.To share resources in the LAN you should set the LAN as trusted (firewall zone --> Entry type --> network) and ensure that the ZA trusted zone security is set to MEDIUM and not HIGH.Open ZA --> type F1 --> search the ZA help for "troubleshooting" --> Networking --> you will find few steps to follow.You can safely remove "Spybot - Search & Destroy" and "Spyware Blaster", they are redundant, provide less protectionand can cause conflicts with ZA Extreme.Note that with a valid license you can contact free of charge the ZA technical support. Live chat link in my signature.Cheers,FaxP.S. for issues with Xbox see here:

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: XP and Vista Networking issues

    Click here &gt;<hr>and now look at &quot;Getting XP and Vista to play well together&quot; -
    click the link and carefully read part 2. In part 2 there is a need to install a Microsoft update/ file
    for XP pc so it can be recognized by Vista.

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    learninglinux Guest

    Default Re: XP and Vista Networking issues

    Hi Fax,

    Thanks for the info - i tried tech support originally but it tried to charge me so I came here :s I altered the slider as you suggested, but no affect (in this case).

    @ NaiveMelody - thanks for the info - I spent a lot of time a few months ago doing all that, including the LLTD download for XP - I should have made it more explicit in my post, apologies. However it is still good advice for others!

    As it turns out the windows media player had been blocked through ZA, which was causing it to hang, this in some way affected the file sharing service betwen the machines. Once I then removed the WMP rules from ZA (both machines) and restarted both, then allowed the WMP services it worked. The reason I usually block WMP is due the way in which it automatically connects to the net to check on song info, which affects xbox online gameplay and computing speeds etc (I imagine MS have done this in their usual unimaginative way to try and stop uncopyrighted material being transferred about).

    For anyone else having this, or similar issues, here are a few key points to check (on both machines):

    1) In services 'server' needs to be on and started - e.g. some help guides on the net tell you to disable/manual this to speed up your machine.

    2) The workgroup name (e.g. MSHOME) needs to be the same on all PC's (right click 'My Compter' and go to 'properties')

    3) Windows Media Player or more specifically wmpnscfg.exe sharing services need access to both trusted and internet zones on both machines, as apparently this is used in networking too (this solved my problem).

    4) That ZA has the IP (or IP range) of the other machine(s) in its trusted zone

    5) Follow the previous posts to check that the XP/Vista problem is not related to ZA - I would recommend uninstalling ZA, setting up the network and check it is working etc then reinstall ZA - this will reduce troubleshooting time

    I've spent a bit of time on this, so anyone that has any questions regarding ZA and home networking like this let me know lol and thanks again to the other contributers.

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