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Thread: ZoneAlarm ignoring program(s)?

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    voivod Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm ignoring program(s)?

    Updated to the latest free version about an hour ago ( Going through my programs one by one granting or denying access as required. I did not use the automated program setup option offered at install.
    I have a very old copy of WS_FTP LE on my machine. Ran the program expecting ZA to pop up the 'this program is trying to access...' and the 'this program is attempting to act as a server' dialogs I've gone through over the years. Nothing. FTP application connects to the internet, can upload and download, etc. ZA never even blinked. It's caught my email client, my antique MUD client, Photoshop, etc.
    Why did it allow this application free access without even a blip?

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Basic
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    voivod Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm ignoring program(s)?

    Nobody's got an idea or even a comment how a program, an antique FTP application, could simply bypass ZoneAlarm? No alerts, no access request, it's not even listed in the LOG as having accessed the net or in the 'currently active' programs list!
    If this application can slip by what's stopping malicious code from doing the same? I'm feeling mighty insecure and I'm fast losing faith with ZA.

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    rurik Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm ignoring program(s)?

    Maybe ZA only logs blocked programs etc. How did you do your upgrade/eupdate? Did you unistall your previos version? If else maybe ZA remeber your old settings or preferences.

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