I guess I posted my message in the wrong place, so I'll do it again here:
I evidently stopped Adobe from updating Flash Player.
I did it because ZA told me it was a Suspicious file trying to connect to the web.
I also didn't recognize ns53.exe as anything and doing a search online, it did look suspicious, so I told ZA not to allow it.
However, later in the day, a site told me I needed to have Flash Player.
(I was at the site last night and it worked fine, and I knew I had Flash.)
So, I knew I'd screwed up Flash Players update.
I tried to go into the Firewall and tell it the file was ok, but could find nothing in there.
In fact, the log said it had never blocked anything, but I KNOW I'd blocked a lot of stuff, so I don't get that either.
In the end, I tried to download it again, (Flash) and okay'd the "Install", but after a minute, I heard a blip and got absolutely nothing.
The site still says I need Flash Player.
I even tried uninstalling Flash, and reintalling, but got the same blip with no messages confirming install nor any error messages saying it didn't install.....just nothing but that blip sound.
I don't want to be without Flash Player, but don't know what to do next.
I hate to uninstall ZA, because then I won't have any anti-virus, let alone any firewall.
(Well, I still have Windows Defender.)
I have Windows XP and IE8.
(I even double checked my security settings in IE, and they're set the way Adobe Flash says to set them.Carol

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite