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Thread: HOW TO UNINSTALL ZoneAlarm from VISTA using uninstall!

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    twofourone Guest

    Default HOW TO UNINSTALL ZoneAlarm from VISTA using uninstall!

    I just upgraded from XP-Media to VISTA Ultimate. Everything worked great EXCEPT ZoneAlarm 2007. Even though box said it is Vista Ready, it ain't, and per the website it won't be for months. So I tried to install a free 90 day trial of MS OneCare, at least until I decided what to switch to, but it wouldn't install since ZoneAlarm was installed, nasty Catch-22. But ZoneAlarm would not uninstall.
    So if you are planning on upgrading from XP to Vista either do a clean install, instead of upgrade mode, or uninstall ZoneAlarm before you install Vista
    BUT, if you already upgraded from XP to Vista, I figured out how to uninstall it...
    1. Go to start, all programs, scroll down until you find ZoneAlarm click on that then right click on ZoneAlarm uninstall.
    2. Click on properties from the menu.
    3. Click on COMPATIBILITY tab.
    4. Check box for run in compatibility mode, and choose XP, serrvicepack 2.
    5. Click OK then get out of there.
    6. Hit your windows key and the "r" key at the same time.
    7. Run box comes up and type in services.msc then hit OK.
    8. Services panel comes up and look for "True Vector Internet Monitor" double click on that.
    9. Panel comes up, and in the general tab change the startup type to disabled, click ok then close out of services panel.
    10. Open Task manager and under processes end process for all instances of vsmon.exe and leave task manager open.
    11. Go back to start, all programs, zonealarm, and click on uninstall zonealarm, it will then come up with a panel that says verifying permission to uninstall zonealarm. This part will take a while, almost 15 minutes for me, during this time task manager might show that zonealarm uninstall is not responding, JUST BE PATIENT. Finally, it will come up with a do you really want to uninstall question. Before you say yes, check processes on task manager to make sure vsmon.exe is NOT running, end it if it is.
    12. Finally click yes to uninstall and it should be removed, but you will have to reboot after the uninstall to completely clean.
    And that is how you uninstall ZoneAlarm from Vista after an upgrade.

    Operating System:Windows Vista
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    caddy Guest

    Default Re: HOW TO UNINSTALL ZoneAlarm from VISTA using uninstall!

    TwoForOne.....You're a LIFE SAVER !!!! I followed your uninstall steps
    and it worked perfectly.I had spent close to 8 hours with 3 different Microsoft Tech Reps to try and resolve this problem.I just wanted to say "Thank You" and I wished that I could shake your hand. Thank You !!!!


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    realvoice Guest

    Default Re: HOW TO UNINSTALL ZoneAlarm from VISTA using uninstall!

    I just want to thank you so much for figuring out how to uninstall ZoneAlarm from Vista.
    Your proccedure worked perfectly!
    The key was shutting down the vsmon processes.
    Thanks again!!!

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