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Thread: Rejection of another anti-virus program

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    beevee Guest

    Default Rejection of another anti-virus program

    As my annual renewal of Zone Alarm has been advised, I made the payment and downloaded the latest version.When installing I was advised that my CA e-z anti-virus program had to be uninstalled before Zone Alarm would install. Later in the installation I am asked if I have another anti-virus program running.
    How can I, if I am first instructed to remove it? And after installation of Zone Alarm, on attempting to re-install CA, with Zone Alarm anti virus disabled, I am unable to do so.
    Each of these programs indicate that the other must be uninstalled before installation so I am unable to run both, even though I have recently paid for a CA update.
    Not very impressive, is it? Especially as I have used CA for years and am familiar with the program, whereas I know nothing of the Zone Alarm anti virus program but am expected to trust it from the get go.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Rejection of another anti-virus program

    The new anti-virus in ZA 7x is Kaspersky av - which is highly regarded by many experts and users - is abit more robust than the previous versions in ZA 6x line - the CA av. Simply disabling Kaspersky av is not enough; you can't use the CA av, now. General rule of only one running
    soft firewall, only one running anti-virus.
    If you do a little research into anti-virus test reviews, Kaspersky will usually do a bit better than CA. See -,00.asp<hr>and
    .<hr>One option - if you can get a refund of CA av.<hr>From what you have written, you have had ZA for years plus a sepeate CA av running too; but ZA 6x line comes with CA av included, so I am wondering what is the reasoning or what you
    have you
    done? exactly?
    :0NaiveMelody NYC 6-25-07 - Come As You Are - Nirvana

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    westsiderailway Guest

    Default Re: Rejection of another anti-virus program

    I do not belive that i have seen any where that says that ZA comes with CA anti-virus software.??Is this the PRO version.??
    I have been running the FREE version of ZA for many years and it allways has ran with VET/CA anti-virus software, untill version 7.... where it tells me to uninstall CA anti-virus software.
    That is why i am still running ZA 6.5.737.000 on my desktop. The funny thing is that i am running CA anti-virus software and FREE ZA on my laptop and both are happy. !The onlt thing that is wrong is that Windows keeps on telling me that ZA is not up &amp; running, when i can see that it is.

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