Yesterday, 2007_08_25 I paid for and downloaded the latest ZA suite. I then uninstalled Norton and Pest Patrol and installed ZA. The result was that on rebooting any attempt to use XP was slow beyond belief. To investigate with taskmgr.exe took many seconds. First, just to get to the START menu bring up then after invoking tskmgr another long, long time till the Task Manager screen came up. It revealed that the system idle process was usually getting 99 percent of the cpu. With two big scan programs would once in a great while get 2 percent. In order to be here typing this I had to go in through Safe boot and uninstall ZA. I then came here and found Sly Fox's detailed directions and followed them. Very nicely given instructions Sly Fox, thank you.

However, when AZ reinstalled and rebooted the same wading in half set concrete happened. So I uninstalled again, signed up to be able to post on this Forum. Any insight that will solve my problem. Neither my son, nor a neighbor who have ZA have had this problem as I assume most have you have not.


Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite