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Thread: Another Vista Slowdown...

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    steve257 Guest

    Default Another Vista Slowdown...

    ZASS for Vista really bogged down my computer!
    I'd installed the Vista version as soon as I got my new machine started up in July...fresh out of the box, without loading up any of the 'pre-installed' AV/Firewall software (Norton).
    From the get go, it was a little slow to startup and VERY slow to shutdown (I'd loaded a pre-release Vista on a different machine, before ZASS was ready, and it started up and shut down quite quickly).
    I finally got fed up with the whole matter when I timed some re-starts and they were taking 25 minutes!!!!!
    Yesterday, I un-installed ZASS as a test, relying on only the Windows built-in firewall .
    Well, I don't feel very safe, but I timed a re-start, and it took about 30 seconds after I told it to re-start until it shut-down and began a re-start!

    Obviously there is something wrong with A)ZASS or B)my machine!
    Based on the many posts I see in here of others having slowdown issues (although I didn't see any with a 25 minute shut-down time), I don't think that the problem is just with my machine, but with something very sensitive in ZASS!
    I'm going to try and locate and remove any possible traces of Norton and/or Symantec on the computer and re-install ZASS again (I really don't feel comfortable relying on the Windows' firewall).
    What I really want to see is an update from ZoneAlarm that addresses this issue...does anyone know when/if an update is in the works?

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    dmack Guest

    Default Re: Another Vista Slowdown...

    A lot more slowed down for me.

    I have never been a fan of Norton Internet Security, having long ago run away from that. Knowing that I had to buy a new computer and having read all the upbeat reviews about ZAIS 2007, I held off buying my Dell Dimension 9200 until Zone Alarm issued its Vista release, 7.1. The new computer came with Norton Internet Security installed for a 30-day free trial. I was amazed by how satisfied I was with the Norton IS 2007 product, but, because of the great reviews for ZA, when the 30 days passed, I uninstalled the Norton product and downloaded the ZA product.

    My printer no longer started printing pages immediately. It took 4 minutes to start and then each page came out exceedingly slowly.

    It used to take me less than 4 minutes to scan and OCR 6 pages with either OmniPage Pro 15 or Adobe Acrobat 8. This morning it took 65 minutes.

    It took about five times as long as normal for my computer to boot and several times as long as normal for my computer to shut down. The first night I had ZAIS 2007.1 installed, I waited 30 minutes for the shutdown to complete before I went to bed with it still in progress, to awake to find that the shutdown was eventually successful.

    The second night, my computer would not shut down. Everything was frozen. Task Manager did not work. I tried to restart by holding down the restart button, but that had no effect.

    My computer would freeze for minutes and then come alive with no explanation. Sometimes I could not even open task manager.

    Some programs would not open until I tried several times.

    The start menu would freeze in place and not respond.I have now uninstalled Zone Alarm Internet Security 7.1. It was easy, perhaps the best part of the program. On rebooting, my computer runs like its old self. I m still waiting for ZA tech support to get back to me with a work around, leaving my computer unprotected.

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    dmack Guest

    Default Re: Another Vista Slowdown...

    I really tried to give ZoneAlarm the benefit of a doubt. I used the Norton Removal Tool to remove anything ever associated with Norton, including my backup. I then reinstalled my Backup and then downloaded the ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite. That was problematic, getting a few installation failed notices but finally a notice that the installation was successful.
    On turnning off the computer, ZoneAlarm prevented shut down.
    On restarting, windows failed to start. I got a lengthy message and then I got a startup repair window. A message asked me if I wanted to restore an earlieir system configuration. I said no. I was told that the OS could not repair this computer automatically.
    I rebooted. I got the please wait screen. The updates were configured. I was hopeful. I logged on. then I tried to print a Word document that was 1 1/8 pages long. It took 4 minutes and 19 seconds to print and 4 minutes and 50 seconds to leave the printer queue.
    I conclude that it was not Norton dust on my computer that caused the problem. I will now use the great ZA uninstall utility and call customer support for a refund. I cannot spend more time on this. BTW, I stilll have not gotten any technical support response to questions raised by email earlier in the week.
    DennisWindows Vista Home Premium on a Dimension 9200 Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6320 (1.86GHz,1066FSB) with 4MB cacheand Dell Photo 944 printer with latest Vista driver.

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    Default Re: Another Vista Slowdown...

    Hi!very strange I am running almost the same hardware (Dimension 9200) as you and I have no problem with ZASS VISTA...Have you tried a fresh install of the OS? Something may have corrupted in your VISTA installation.Cheers,Fax

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    steve257 Guest

    Default Re: Another Vista Slowdown...

    I found a work around - Sort of!
    I've found that if I right-click the ZoneAlarm icon in the system tray and choose 'ShutDown AoneAlarm Security Suite' (it shuts down in about 5 seconds), I can then shurdown or restart Vista in about 20-30 seconds...If I don't shutdown ZoneAlarm first, it takes about 15-25 minutes!
    Now, if I can come up with a batch or command file that'll shutdown ZA and then Vista all in one step, I'd be almost happy.
    Still, I wish ZoneAlarm would come out with a fix.
    I guess it's hard to find when there are only a few machines that it happens on?

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    seahorizons Guest

    Default Re: Another Vista Slowdown...

    Hi, Steve is right.
    I am using Vista Home Premium, and I like ZA alot - best thing since Atguard.
    However, recently (last few weeks)
    I noticed that the laptop would sometimes take 20 minutes to shut down.
    The problem seemed to occur when connected to the internet.
    However, independently of Steve I found that by shutting down ZA first and then shutting down the computer, system closed in a matter of seconds.

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