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Thread: Updating ZA Problem

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    esorami Guest

    Default Updating ZA Problem

    When I try to update ZA, I keep getting msg that I must uninstall my Computer Associates Anti Virus first. Why do I have to do a complete uninstall of my AV program?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Updating ZA Problem

    esorami ,some recent changes in the new version ZA 7 x Free version XP/2000
    -"only", which we ourselves slowly discovered - There is a ZA Security Suite
    hidden underneath the ZA 7x Free. Which the 'phantom' non-functioning Kaspersky av in there (may ?
    conflict with your
    anti-virus plus other functions)
    Solution - Firstuninstall/delete ZA 7 x
    Free and then install the old version 6.5.737 ZA Free
    of Aug. 31, 2006 - here is the link -
    . -to the Release History page -
    go to 6.5 Branch - and find 6.5.737.000 - to download this version, if successful; your
    system will be working again} - [ later, you may get a ZA program update box - you may not want to automatically update that - this would be an update to the new ZA 7 x Free, again,
    - not again - tell it to remind you in 60 days- repeat and rinse, wait until further developments].<hr>&gt;2nd Alternate Solution- others who wish to upgrade to ZA 7x, on a budget - an alternative to rolling back or staying with ZA 6.5 Free - I would suggest going up a level in security by getting ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware 7.0.337 - at about 14.2 MB it's just a bit more than ZA 6.5 Free plus you get a &quot;real improvement in firewall protection&quot; and a &quot;top rated anti-spyware&quot; -
    for $19.95 for one year of updates -;lid=ho_zaas
    . This ZA product has the Operating System Firewall (OS Firewall) which is more advanced than the simple firewall in ZA free versions; in all of the paid versions of ZA products - this the heart of ZA protection - see comparison chart - click left tabs for more info. -
    . This a simple to use, less complicated ZA firewall product than ZA suite. I use it myself. With this version, you can use any brand of anti-virus you choose. No worries, no complications. According, to some recent test/reviews - it top rates at #1 or Editor's Choice - see Cnet test/review dated March 19, 2007 - .<hr>3rd Option- You can un-install CA av, then install ZA 7x Free XP; then re-install CA. If you choose this option - please post back results, yes. See another user -<hr>esorami, please do not double post your same problem/question twice. Sign-in &gt; click &gt; see/click -
    &quot;Thread Options&quot; &gt; click &quot;Delete Message&quot; &gt; confirm.<hr> NYC 9-2-07 - Say It Right - Nelly Furtado

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    erikheath Guest

    Default Re: Updating ZA Problem

    I have same problem.
    Can CA be reinstalled after ZA upgrade?

    CA is furnished by sbcglobal, and really don't want to unload, and have to buy something different. (ZA?).

    If can't resolve, I think I will have to unload Zone Alarm.

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    erikheath Guest

    Default Re: Updating ZA Problem

    Sorry NaiveMelody...didn't get scrolled down all the way to your suggestions...ignore previous post from erikheath.

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