I just downloaded and installed the free version of zone alarm (not sure what the version number is, but the latest one).
I believe when it is doing "configuring zone alarm..." my XP simply restarted (no BSOD).
However, subsequent access to my OS (XP service pack 2)
are simply blocked -- even in Safe Mode.
The OS simply hangs at a point with no error messages.
(before the point UI are displayed)
Fortunately I have dual booted in Vista and was able to access internet here.
I need
assistence in resolving this issue.
Is there a way of removing Zone Alarm mannually?
Thank you!
PS I also have Symantec AntiVirus
running when ZA was installing, and possibly some byproduct of Norton (I cannot verify this since I do not have access to XP!).
I vaguely recall compatibility issues when running antivirus and zonealarm, however I had no trouble prior to this point in getting the software to run.
Please HELP!
am not sure which version of XP i'm running - Home or Pro..

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)