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    I'm trying to re install Zone Alarm Pro and I keep getting this message: "The file: C\windows\system32\Zonelabs\vsmon.exe could not be opened".
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi!looks like you have left overs of ZA in your system that blocks ZA to install.Boot your system in SAFE MODE and:Go to Start > Search > Files and Folders. Make sure the location box is set to search your Local Hard Drive (usually C:\ ) or All Local Drives. Also make sure the Advanced Search Options are set to search subfolders and hidden files. Now copy the entire line below, paste it into the search box and click Search Now.Zonelabs; "zone labs"; "Internet logs"; vsconfig.xml; vsdata.dll; vsdata95.vxd; vsdatant.sys; vsmon.*; vsmonapi.dll; vsnetutils.dll;vspubapi.dll; zaplus.*; zapro.*; zllictbl.dat; zlparser.dll; zonealarm.exe; zoneband.dll; vsutil.dll; zlclient.*A list of files and folders belonging to ZoneAlarm will appear in the Search Results panel.Now proceed by deleting all ZoneLabs files and folders that were found.Empty the Recycle Bin.Run a registry/system cleaner. ccleaner is quite good utility ( Re-download the installer (better the 337 version, 362 has bugs) and do NOT use any download managers.Cheers,Fax

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