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Thread: Estimated date for Vista compatible ZA Pro???

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    peg Guest

    Default Estimated date for Vista compatible ZA Pro???

    Is there any official or unofficial word on release date of Vista compatible ver of ZAP?

    Must get FW for wife's new laptop - NOW. It came w/ Mc's ISS. I remember why I abandoned it yrs ago!

    Could use Vista's FW temporarily, but really don't want to fool w/ it unless forced to.
    Don't really want to go to any suite, or ZA Free.

    If others forced into same situation have tried other brands & liked them, maybe the mods won't kill this if they share. I'm not here to slam ZA. Still use it in XP.


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    forum_moderator Guest

    Default Re: Estimated date for Vista compatible ZA Pro???

    ZoneAlarm does not give out release dates. This is our standard policy for over 5 years.

    We are working on a Pro version for Vista but no ETA for avalability.

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