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Thread: [ZAP 7.0.408.000] experiences

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    zapy_easy Guest

    Default [ZAP 7.0.408.000] experiences

    Clean uninstalled 6.1.744.001 (how to accomplish, see the other thread elesewhere), double checked several folders (as advised elsewhere) and wiped out registry eventually. Booted up.

    Installed zap 7.0.408, booted up, set up ZAP to my needs, booted-up again -- and surprisingly both start-up and shut-down times seems to be ok, well, not as fast as without ZAP though, but ok IMO. Start-up time is a bit slower than with zap 6.1 though.

    ! Note, I do not use either ZAP's antivir monitoring nor ZAP's anti-spyware features here !

    Regarding RAM usage of 7.0 comparing to 6.1, vsmon.exe of version 7.0.408 increased both working set and WS private but it's kind of lower for those sets on zlclient.exe.

    approx. (!) working set // WS private on 6.1.744.001
    vsmon :: 18.6 MB // 15.5 MB
    zlclient :: 6.9 MB // 3.2 MB

    approx. (!) working set // WS private on 7.0.408.000
    vsmon :: 22.7 MB // 17.4 MB
    zlclient :: 5.5 MB // 2.5 MB

    Fair enough! Enjoy zap 7.0.408 :-)

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    zapy_easy Guest

    Default Re: [ZAP 7.0.408.000] experiences

    Tried ZAP 7.0 (408) for 24 days, but went back to ZAP 61_744_001 today.

    That's due to both slow start-up and shut-down times of 7.0.408.

    It seemed day by day it was getting slower just a bit -- to the point I felt it might be rather annoying than acceptable for me personally.

    Not sure but it might be related to its database repository ... (?), further vsmon.exe (and her accompanied .dll's) are seeming not in friendship with xpsp2 also. The later you might doublechaeck with sysinternal's process-monitor % process-explorer.

    As I stated in my first post, I do not use either ZAP's antivir monitoring nor ZAP's anti-spyware features here.

    Thank you.

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    zapy_easy Guest

    Default Re: [ZAP 7.0.408.000] experiences


    I've been using ZAP since version 2.x, can not remember, anyway I'm using it over 5 (five) years.

    ZAP branches 6.5x and 7.x gave loads of headaches to me personally, always I was following ZA/ CP and gave them heaps of my time due to installs/ uninstalls/ reboots ... whatsoever.

    How often I got disappointed by CP since version 6.1x? -- there must be an end ... well, that was my thought, but nothing satisfying they provided yet...
    ... enough at this very point.

    ZA forums :: I see many vanishing posts :: I see a marketing structure rather than a structure which might be commen sense for internet users ... etc. pp.

    So I am trying this other (free) pro-firewall (located @ 525 Washington Blvd., Jersey City.).

    Thank you.

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