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Thread: Zone Alarm is blocking IE7 - can't uninstall

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    Default Zone Alarm is blocking IE7 - can't uninstall

    I am new to this forum, and really hope that you can help me with my problem with my Compaq Laptop.

    I have spent 6 hours in the past two days, with Microsoft Techs, trying to figure out how to regain access to the internet, now that I installed IE7. When it installed it also, apparently, uninstalled IE5, so I can't get on the web until it stops being blocked.

    When I first got the laptop, four years ago, I installed the free version of Zone Alarm, and had quite a few problems with the IE5, that was installed on it at that time. I called HP tech supp, and it was finally determined that Zone Alarm was causing it. So ZA was uninstalled and the problems went away. I decided I would stay away from ZA after that.

    Last March, I was installing some software, from the net, and apparently, Zone Alarm was included. I didn't knowingly install it, but when I started having problems with IE7, I looked for ZA and found it had been installed, again on 3/21/07.

    As I said, I have spent 6 hours on the phone, with MS tech supp - first with IE support, then with Win XP supp. They both came to the conclusion that ZA was causing the problem. I won't go into all that they tried, because it didn't work. Towards the end of the last call, under Registration Editor -- Software, ZoneLabs, but could not delete the files. We then tried Services.msc / view / TrueVector Internet Monitor / General -- changed startup type from Automatic to Disable. Tried to change Service status from started to Stop, but the button was grayed out, so couldn't do that. Tried to Apply startup disable, but got error: Access is denied. At that point the tech said that there was nothing else he could do, and suggested I call ZoneAlarm for help. Since there isn't a phone number (free) to call, I decided to try this forum. I sure hope you can help, as I can't get on the web until this is resolved.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm is blocking IE7 - can't uninstall

    If ZA is the problem try uninstalling using the instructions found HERE

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    devonviolet Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm is blocking IE7 - can't uninstall

    I looked at those instructions. I am not sure what the ZA systray icon is, although, since it took two MS techs six hours, to help me figure out the only place to find the ZA files was in Registration files, I'm fairly sure, there is no ZA "icon". I also do not know what/where "overview" is. I'm sure if I could find that I would be able to do the rest, but once again, the only place the ZoneLab or ZA files showed up was in the Registration files.

    As far as doing uninstall of ZA, that was done a while back, when I first was aware that it had snuck back onto my hard drive, and there is no sign of it anywhere except in the registration files.

    As far as doing the search for the long list of ZA files, I also did that and did not come up with even one related file or folder.

    I guess, I was a little off base, when I said that I can't "uninstall" ZA. ZA was uninstalled a while back, when I realized that it was on my hard drive. The problem I seem to be having is more that I can't "disable" the files that are left in Registration, and can't stop them from running at startup.


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    devonviolet Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm is blocking IE7 - can't uninstall

    Well, it has been 20 hours since my last post, and no one has made any suggestions. The fact remains that I am not able to get online (I'm using a borrowed computer right now), because I cannot disable the fragments of Zone Alarm that were left in my Registry when I uninstalled Zone Alarm.

    Since nobody here can help me, is it possible to get Technical Support from Zone Alarm, without paying for it? This was a free program, and since ZA is causing a problem with my ability to get on the internet, I don't think I should have to pay for technical support. In other words, it isn't anything I did wrong, it is something wrong with the software. I did "uninstall" like I was supposed to do. I just want someone to tell me how to disable or delete what is left of Zone Alarm in my Registry.

    So, if anyone can tell me how to get some technical support for this, I would really appreciate it.


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    Default Re: Zone Alarm is blocking IE7 - can't uninstall

    Hi Claudia

    I am sorry you are having all these problems and hopefully I can find a solution for you.

    Download and run this tool, using both segments and do the reboot immediately after that.

    PLEASE keep me posted, THANKS.


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