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Thread: Win XP does not detect ZASS

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    nihilist Guest

    Default Win XP does not detect ZASS

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    nihilist Guest

    Default Re: Win XP does not detect ZASS

    (Sorry .. hit the ENTER key too early).
    I have been installing and re-installing 7.0.404 and currently ZA reports that the antivirus is active.
    I think the ZA firewall is working because I see the Z icon in the system tray change to the progress bar icon.
    I don't get any requests for permissions when I browse the NET but I'm wondering if that's due to my Auto-Learn setting.
    I am getting a security alert that neither the firewall (says ZA status is unknown) or the anti-virus is active. Windows saysmy Trend Micro Security is turned off (I had uninstalled it).
    How do I fix this so that Win XP knows that ZA is installed. Looks like there is some registry entry left over from Trend Microthat is informing Win XP of it's presence. How can I be sure that both ZA firewall and virus are effective when XP says it's not?Thanks.

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    onyekachukwu Guest

    Default Re: Win XP does not detect ZASS


    You may want to try and give this a try.

    Before you begin these steps; under the Overview>preference tab of ZA , de-select: Load ZA SS at startup.

    1 Reboot into Safe Mode
    2 Goto Start Menu> Select Run> type MSCONFIG
    3 Select the Services tab > De-select/stop WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)> reboot into Safe Mode.
    4 Goto: C:\windows\sys32\wbem> delete the repository folder.
    5 Go back to Start,>run>MSCONFIG. select/restart WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)
    6 Reboot to normal operating system. Trend should be removed now.

    Manually restart ZA, open ZA>overview>preference> select;Load ZA SS at startup. This should make the security notification go away.

    Hope this helps.


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    Default Re: Win XP does not detect ZASS

    YES! That works. Oldsod
    Best regards.

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    nihilist Guest

    Default Re: Win XP does not detect ZASS

    I reported this to ZA and the guy who replied said 7.0 is not yet compatible with the Win Security Center and that they are workingwith .Is this true? Why is no one else repI distinctly remember 7.0.3x version working correctly. It informed me correctly that the virus was out of date when it was.Also this support person did not read my problem description. He assumes I reported that the Security Center was sayingthe AV was out of date, when I told him it did not see it present.

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