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Thread: Renewal license on non-expired install leaves the old number of days...

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    Default Renewal license on non-expired install leaves the old number of days...

    - I have three winbloze boxen, two that had no protection and one with 160 days left on its ZIS license. I bought a three pack license and put ZIS on each of the unprotected systems. They appear to be working fine ... one was literally bare and the other was an expired subscription.
    - The e-mail with the new keys stressed I HAD to use the keys because the clock was ticking on them regardless of whether they were installed or not. I expected to be ripped off for the 160 days on the one system, so while it wasn't fun to be right, I bit the bullet and put in the new key, even though that license had nearly half a year left on it.
    - This worked like a charm. 365 days left and all is well.

    - Or so I thought. Today, weeks later (I wager about 20 days) I notice it says I have only 140 days left on my subscription. It's bad enough to get ripped off for 160 days, but 365 is simply a little more than I find tolerable, personally.

    - The forum has tons of information about license issues, none that I found appearing to address my problem with any degree of assurance. I suspect the "solution" will be to clean wipe the entire freaking thing and start over again, because this is winbloze and that seems to be the ONLY "solution" for software problems in winbloze. No such thing as troubleshoot or fix ... rip out and replace.
    - But on the off chance someone really DOES fix things any more, I'd like to know how might go about that, or if the recent license sever issue I read about will, ultimately, "just fix it". I mean, I have 140 days. If it takes a month to cotton onto the fact I have more subscription time I'll happily wait that month than re-install the whole thing.

    - While I'm at it, I'd like to see if there isn't any way to recover my lost 160 days of subscription.

    - Even better, I'd like to see ZoneAlarm provide a tool that rebuilds the internal structures, JUST like a reinstall would do, but one that may simply be run to fix what appears to be a rather rampant licensing situation. Then the end user clicks an icon, connects to the license server, and *poof*, problem solved - WITHOUT a re-install. Doesn't that sound more desirable than tons of people freaking out because their subscriptions evaporate for no reason?

    - Thanks for your time...

    Long time ZA user who's re-installed it one time too many.

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    Default Re: Renewal license on non-expired install leaves the old number of days...

    Check the license and see if the old one is installed, or if the new one stayed. Chances are the old one didn't get overwritten properly.
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    Default Re: Renewal license on non-expired install leaves the old number of days...

    - You're right, Hoov! Thanks!! I'll put the license in a again, next time I'm logged into an admin account, see what it does, and reply here with the results...

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