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Thread: Installation Conflict! Computer Associates Antivirus detected

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    redstreak Guest

    Default Installation Conflict! Computer Associates Antivirus detected

    I have been using ZoneAlarm for years and years. For several years, I've used CA eTrust AV and ZA with no problems. The last time an update for ZA came out, I had to uninstall my CA eTrust to get it to install, due to the error from the installer listing in the subject of this post. I figured it was a fluke that would be resolved.

    Today I once again went to update, and got the error.

    What gives? My AV is up-to-date and working fine with ZA, and has for an extended time over the years and updates.

    How do I give ZA setup the polite, "Thanks, but install anyway" nod?


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    norwen Guest

    Default Re: Installation Conflict! Computer Associates Antivirus detected

    Similar problem for me - last time I had to uninstall Vet and then ask them to revalidate my key so I could reinstall it - there is a problem if you try and install Vet again after a certain time.
    I also have had no problem with the two programs working together until the last upgrade and now this time.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Installation Conflict! Computer Associates Antivirus detected

    Some recent changes in the new version ZA 7 x Free version XP/2000
    -"only", which we ourselves slowly discovered - There is a ZA Security Suite
    hidden underneath the ZA 7x Free. Which the 'phantom' non-functioning Kaspersky av in there (may ?
    conflict with your
    anti-virus plus other functions)

    Even in a 'dormant state' Kaspersky drivers and files, are 'intrusive/indomitable' with other anti-virus - [even with another &quot;free standing Kaspersky av&quot; = this is an actual recent post - I just answered {with Fax, too} ] -<hr>Solution - Firstuninstall/delete ZA 7 x
    Free and then install the old version 6.5.737 ZA Free
    of Aug. 31, 2006 - here is the link -
    . -to the Release History page -
    go to 6.5 Branch - and find 6.5.737.000 - to download this version, if successful; your
    system will be working again} - [ later, you may get a ZA program update box - you may not want to automatically update that - this would be an update to the new ZA 7 x Free, again,
    - not again - tell it to remind you in 60 days- repeat and rinse, wait until further developments].<hr>&gt;2nd Alternate Solution- others who wish to upgrade to ZA 7x, on a budget - an alternative to rolling back or staying with ZA 6.5 Free - I would suggest going up a level in security by getting ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware 7.0.337 - at about 14.2 MB it's just a bit more than ZA 6.5 Free plus you get a &quot;real improvement in firewall protection&quot; and a &quot;top rated anti-spyware&quot; -
    for $19.95 for one year of updates -;lid=ho_zaas
    . This ZA product has the Operating System Firewall (OS Firewall) which is more advanced than the simple firewall in ZA free versions; in all of the paid versions of ZA products - this the heart of ZA protection - see comparison chart - click left tabs for more info. -
    . This a simple to use, less complicated ZA firewall product than ZA suite. I use it myself. With this version, you can use any brand of anti-virus you choose. No worries, no complications. According, to some recent test/reviews - it top rates at #1 or Editor's Choice - see Cnet test/review dated March 19, 2007 - .<hr>3rd Option- You can un-install CA av, then install ZA 7x Free XP; then re-install CA. If you choose this option - please post back results. &lt;&lt;&lt; X-(<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 9-20-07 - It's The Same Old Song - The Four Tops

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    redstreak Guest

    Default Re: Installation Conflict! Computer Associates Antivirus detected

    Thanks, NaiveMelody.

    The time before this update came out (when 7.0.337 came out, I think), I did uninstall CA, installed the ZA update, then installed CA again. That has worked fine. It's still working. Maybe I'll just ignore the update...

    But now that I know that's all those dead bits and garbage in there, hmmmmmmm.

    The reason I've run ZA all these years rather that ZA Pro was that all I wanted was a straight personal firewall, and I didn't really need the extra stuff in Pro. If they'd started charging a fee for ZA, I'd probably have just paid it.

    But now, since all this other garbage is packed in, perhaps I'll just have to go find a different personal firewall (that's ONLY a personal firewall). I've avoided the bundled stuff from ZA just, well, because I hate bundled stuff. I don't use CA ISS, ether. I don't need bundles.

    I'll think on it, I guess. I work in the network layers as a system developer, but I had not thought to trap ZA in the debugger or pick around at what else is being put in there with it. I just have been way too busy to figure out that all that extra garbage was in ZA now. Who'd have thought they'd put dead bits in there. Garbage, I tell ya. Someone is in charge of making decisions when they should be cleaning toilets.

    Well, I'll do some pricing, I guess. Got to go find a firewall that's good and is just a firewall...

    Thanks for your expository reply. I guess I should have peeked around under the rocks a little more...

    Take care,

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Installation Conflict! Computer Associates Antivirus detected

    I hear you. As I mentioned as the second alternative - ZA Anti-Spyware Firewall is the next step up from the simplicity and ease of ZA Free; you get the &quot;better&quot; ZA firewall + ZA's antispyware&quot; for just about $19.95 - no guff from ZA Pro's - fine tunning, no un-needed extras (Suite -bundles)
    to bother,
    your 'choice of any anti-virus.'
    { Personally, I would value it at about $9.95 or $14.95 but these kind of prices &quot;lowers the integrity image/quality/value&quot; of the product; but I wouldn't mind I would still respect it in the morning }<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 9-20-07 - Ain't Too Proud To Beg - The Temptations

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    redstreak Guest

    Default Re: Installation Conflict! Computer Associates Antivirus detected

    Well, I dropped back to the latest 6.x version, and all's well, of course. Put a XP style manifest with zlclient.exe to skin it into my XP visual style, and seems groovy. Good enough for now...

    Thanks for chiming in. Maybe I'll just write my won firewall driver/service. Then at least I'd know what's in it...


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