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Thread: Upgrading 7.0.337 to 7.0.408 instabilitty problem

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    davenkara Guest

    Default Upgrading 7.0.337 to 7.0.408 instabilitty problem

    I have been struggling with getting my ZA (free) install upgaded from 7.0.337 to 7.0.408 the last couple of days with no luck. I've tried clean uninstalls (by adding "/clean /rmlicense" to the uninstall script). Every time, my system either with hangs at startup or I have all sorts of problems after the reboot which enables ZA 408. By "problems" I mean that my system performance tanks... completely. Nearly every process stops responding for up to a minute, even the desktop interface. Eventually, if I wait long enough, my clicks and such registers and the machine limps along until I actually try to start another process or anything else.

    All this is done with my WAN unplugged, since I'm uber-paranoid and always disconnect before doing a ZA update. As soon as I reconnect the internet, the systems hangs for good. Only my mouse cursor works at that point. Even the clock stops updating. I wind up goind into safe mode to uninstall 408, and the machine comes up fine the next time. I've tried clean uninstalls of 337 and 408, but nothing lets me install 408 and have it operational once I reboot.

    OK, one thing did... when I allowed 408 to install the trial ZA-ISS, it rebooted and everything worked fine... until I reconnected my internet connection. Then the only thing which worked was the mouse cursor. I couldn't even click on desktop icons... and tried waiting several minutes for a response. I've tried most of these processes with and without McAffee disabled with no change.

    I just read a couple things about installing in safe mode and/or re-downloading the installer from Explorer. I'm willing to give those ideas a shot, but if anyone can give me an idea as to _why_ they might work I'd really appreciate it. There have been a few releases over the years which just "haven't worked" for me, and this is looking like one of them. However, I'm really hoping to get 408 installed because I was planning on upgrading to a licenced copy of ZA-ISS or ZA-Pro soon. That doesn't seem advised if I can't get 408 working though.

    FYI, I'm running:
    McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0 (engine 5200)

    For as reliable as ZA has been over the years, this is driving me nuts because of the time I've already spent tinkering. I think the reason I'm getting obsessed over 408 is because I've finally committed to a licensed version... now I probably couldn't install it. Without sounding pathetic... Help please! :-)

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Upgrading 7.0.337 to 7.0.408 instabilitty problem

    If you still have 7.0.337 still working on your pc, I would advise you to - stay put - at this point, 408 for the ZA Free - auto-upgrades isn't faring very well. Or if you want to pursue it as far as you can, an upgrade, now to 408 then read on.<hr>I notice you have McAfee av - enterprise version. You have tried upgrading/un-installs of ZA
    McAfee dis-abled; but not un-installed - that would be a suggestion. See this for some insight - read thru top to bottom -
    <hr>I'm thinking, with McAfee properly un-installed*, you can try un-installing
    your present ZA with this - .<hr>The consumer version may probably have a different un-install file than the enterprise editions; therefore you may want to search McAfee website for the right Removal Tool for your version.
    ) Use it*. Evenutally you will need the right Removal Tool, if you are planning to upgrade to ZA Suite in the future. <hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 9-23-07 - Complicated - Avril Lavigne

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    davenkara Guest

    Default Re: Upgrading 7.0.337 to 7.0.408 instabilitty problem


    Thanks for the references. I'll definitely keep those handy. When I get up a little more patience I'll take another whack at it after uninstalling McAffee. Its odd, though, because I've rarely had this trouble, even with McAfee installed and enabled. It does happen though... and once in a while I have to skip a version. Maybe 408 is one of those.

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    ksk Guest

    Default Re: Upgrading 7.0.337 to 7.0.408 instabilitty problem

    I am also having problems upgrading from ...337 to ...408. My problems differs in that the update runs fine, but when I restart, ZA is gone, uninstalled! I tried it twice, both times the same result. I'll stay with ...337 until a newer version is available, or more info is available on this issue.

    Running XP SP2 with Norton Systemworks/Antivirus

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