I'm currently running ZA Free 7.0.337.0.
I installed ZA Free 7.0.408.0 per a pop-up notice I rec'd last week, but upon installation, while it seemed to work, it wasn't catching any firewall "attacks".
It was only asking for and/or blocking program persmissions, primarily svchost.exe, which it blocked and continues to block (per the log file).
I thought it was unusual not to see any firewall alerts
(I've had ZA Free for over 7 yrs), so I unstalled version 7.0.408.0 via Add/Remove Programs, and also performed a Search, and deleted any leftovers that remained after the uninstall.
I then re-installed 7.0.337.0 in Safe Mode, as several here have suggested, but I still have the same problem . . . I'm getting program alerts (with tons of svchost.exe. alerts shown in the log file), but no firewall alerts.
How do I know if ZA is really working, re: firewall alerts?
I also noticed that while my ZA version and True Vector version are both 7.0.337.0, the ZA driver file version is 7.0.408.00.
Could the newer driver be causing the problem, since its newer than the version I'm running, or . . . what can I do to fix things to get my old reliable ZA product back and running as it should?
Thank you in advance for any suggestions you can offer.
I'm running Windows XP Home Edition w/SP 2.
Neither install, btw, preconfigured anything other than the Generic Host Process (svchost.exe, which is configured the way it always has been . . . to block internet server access).
In the past, ZA had always preconfigured IE (Internet Explorer) and whatever mail program I was using (Outlook Express, Outlook, etc.).
I don't know if this makes a difference, but thought I'd mention it just in case . . .

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)