This drove me crazy until I could figure out what caused it - I thought I had a corrupt installation and kept uninstalling and reinstalling (safe mode, hidden files, cleaning registry).

I have zonealarm suite trial 7.0.408.000 loaded, and it was working fine.

I plugged in a wireless USB network adapter to my desktop to try it out, then unplugged it later.

Now, every time I reboot without the USB network adapter plugged in I get an error message as the desktop comes up like (the file sometimes changes):
Validation failed for c:\windows\system32\zonelabs\vsmondll.dll

This message keeps returning when acknowledged, and zonealarm never starts up.

If I plug the USB adapter in before I boot, then everything is fine.

I tried going to the hardware tree and uninstalling the USB adaptor before rebooting, but the error messages still comes up if I reboot without the adapter.

I made sure to use the "Safely Remove Hardware" to stop the wireless adapter before unplugging.

How can I remove this dependency on having the USB adapter to get zonealarm start up and work properly?

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