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Thread: Current version of ZASS for XP?

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    phoenixgtr Guest

    Default Current version of ZASS for XP?

    What is the most recent stable version of ZASS for Windows XP SP2? I am running ZASS 7.0.337.000, and update keeps telling me my system is up-to-date, but I was just checking on my brother's behalf and it says the current version is 7.0.408.000. Is that for XP, or is that the one for Vista? Is it stable? Should I bother with it (on XP)?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Current version of ZASS for XP?

    Yes, 7.0.408 is for XP. As for 7.0.408 if your are having any serious issues with your current 7.0.337 that is addressed by the following fixes in .408 :<hr>ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version 7.0.408.000<ul>[*]Performance improvements in system startup and shutdown, antivirus, spysite loading, the update client, and more.[*]Stability improvements during antivirus scans, uninstall, while shutting down, and more.[*]Compatibility: Fixed compatibility issues with Project 2007, Bit Torrent, and Logitech Webcam.[*]Antivirus enhancements (in Suite and Antivirus products only): New scan priority for on-demand antivirus scans.[*]Various usability and other improvements.<hr>Then it may be suggested, to upgrade - actually 'it is preferred - if you let &quot;ZA servers auto-upgrade you.&quot; ZA .337 Suite users are steadily getting upgrade notices if they had &quot;product auto-upgrade&quot; and for
    most, the upgrades are going fairly well; a bit less for ZA Free users. So if your .337 is fairly stable, keep it till you get the upgrade notice from ZA -{there are about 3 million ZA users}<hr>In regards to versions available - currently there are two &quot;seperate" lines of ZA products: the original -more popular XP/2000 pc line(that's what you have) is up-to-date with 7.0.337 / (7.0.362) + 7.0.408*. The versions ONLY for Vista is 7.1 =exclusively. Even thou the number is higher, it is not &quot;better&quot;, it is not an upgrade/improvement over the 7.0.337
    or 7.0362
    or 7.0.408 that you and everybody else with XP pc's have. It's just two distinguishing call numbers, that's all, yes.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 9-27-07 - Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry[/list]

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    phoenixgtr Guest

    Default Re: Current version of ZASS for XP?

    Thanks for the clarification. I have had the odd issue during scan now and then, but have not yet gotten the auto-upgrade notice yet.
    If it's really better to do it that way then I guess I'll wait a bit. I've been running .337 for a while and only had these issues recently.
    I may be doing a system reinstall in a few weeks, though...if I am reinstalling from scratch, should I download and install .408, or .337?

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