Hey Guys

Like most everyone else here, I've been a long-time user and supporter of ZA. I bought ZAPro in 2001 and have used the same old version since then on two consecutive new PCs. I just bought a new Dell XPS410 with XP and decided it was time to upgrade Zone Alarm so I downloaded the latest version of Pro. Again, like most everyone else upgrading from earlier versions, I had problems getting it installed...until I read the posts here. Thanks for all the help.

I just wanted to say, the trick is definitely in doing a thorough UNinstall - get rid of every possible reference to anything related to the previous install and it's a piece o' cake. Take advantage of the posts here that have listed the DLLs and registry keys and take the time to delete them. Set a restore point before you begin and it's easy to get back to where you started if need be. I went one better and made a fresh disk image (Acronis) so I'd have some options, but after cleaning out the old stuff, I didn't need either one.

I really like the new format. Quite a bit different than my old version 2, but the familiar stuff is still there under the customize buttons. ZoneAlarm still rawks.


Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro