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Thread: Conflict with Outlook 2007?

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    libbyre Guest

    Default Conflict with Outlook 2007?

    HiJust purchased Zone Alarm Pro
    for a new XP system.
    I find that Outlook 2007 (v12.0) freezes once it has
    part opened.
    Any subsequent popup boxes that might appear (eg 'run scan now') also freeze and the whole system needs to be manually turned off - a 'Turn Off Computer' or 'Restart' using 'ctrl-alt-del' also freezes.
    I've now installed & uninstalled zone alarm 2x and each time Outlook works fine when zone alarm is uninstalled.
    Please tell me what
    I am doing wrong?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    perigrinus Guest

    Default Re: Conflict with Outlook 2007?

    I don't think that you are doing anything wrong. I have
    PRECISELY the same problem with ZA and Outlook 2007 running on a fully uptodate version of XP.
    There is an outlook
    patch available on the Microsoft KB which you should make sure that you have. Not that it solves the problem.
    Come on ZoneAlarm tech-support you have a problem here, can can you please fix it?
    Is anyone else having these problems?

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    libbyre Guest

    Default Re: Conflict with Outlook 2007?

    Since posting, I've reinstalled ZA Pro again.
    I closed every application that I could, disconnected from internet, closed norton antivirus and
    disabled Windows Firewall
    as well.
    I am now using Outlook Express and have had no problems at all.
    However, because I'm not game enough to use the full Outlook 2007 again doesn't mean the actual problem is solved!

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    perigrinus Guest

    Default Re: Conflict with Outlook 2007?

    Since my posting yesterday, I have disabled ZoneAlarm, using Windows firewall as a stopgap.The very first time I open my e-mail this morning, I had the same problem.
    And that was with out ZoneAlarm loaded.

    Based on that, it seems to me that the problem may well be the anti-virus.
    I am using **bleep** so I will disable that and rely on the zone alarm antivirus until I know whether removing **bleep** stabilises outlook or not.

    I have also seen some opinions on the net which suggest that disabling the Outlook 2007 indexing process will also fix the problem.
    Maybe I will try that next before disabling **bleep**.

    Either way, watch this space we may yet solve the problem.

    I have also lodged a ticket with ZA -they may come up with something interesting as well.

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