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Thread: Re: Unable to upgrade to 7.0.408.000

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    bbro Guest

    Default Re: Unable to upgrade to 7.0.408.000

    I am having the EXACT same problems on my desktop computer (laptop ungraded fine).
    I get a "Zone Alarm Installer: Windows Bad Image" boxwith the following text:"exception processing message c000007b parameters 75b6bf9c 75b6bf9c 75b6bf9c 75b6bf9c"
    Can't uninstall ZA either
    Pretty frustrating!!!

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    unojack Guest

    Default Re: Unable to upgrade to 7.0.408.000


    We need more information from you on the following, so we can help you solve your problem with ZA.;

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    balta Guest

    Default Re: Unable to upgrade to 7.0.408.000

    It is pretty simple. From ZA website I got the Installer and proceeded as customary.
    Went through the entire install process - one window and then nothing.
    I went back in my archives in my computer
    and found an old
    installer from April 2007 or earlier.
    I used: "zlsSetup_55_062_011.exe" and this time it worked - but this is an older versionTHis one has the old Yellow / Red Icon not the current silver Z.
    QUESTION : My Latest Windows XP Pro has ZA version version:7.0.408.000

    My Latest Notebook Vista has ZoneAlarm version:7.1.788.000 these are days apart.

    My OLD Windows XP has ZA version

    > > zlsSetup_55_062_011:

    > > ZoneAlarm version:

    > > TrueVector version:

    > > Driver version:

    And the comment says, up to date
    When I downloaded the other day from ZA website on my OLD Windows XP
    I got

    the install did not work.

    > > zaSetup_en

    > > Version: 5.2.3790.0
    This installation issue is weird - I installed ZA 7.0 and 7.1 on my new machines - using the samewebsite ZA,
    for the machine in question Windows XP pro
    got ZA 5.2 several days later
    and the installation process did not go the same way -
    BUT - using an old version - Installer on my OLD machine - I did end up with a working ZA

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