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Thread: disapointed with zonealarm

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    chainsore Guest

    Default disapointed with zonealarm

    i use the free version7.0.362.00 zonalarms been bugging me to update it daily for over a week so i finally decide to ( reluctantly after reviews state lots of hassle with zonealarm getting people to download a version thats for vista not xp. anyway i run xp and began getting version 70.408.000 today it got to 100% unpacking then froze my pc, thanks a lot. i look on zonealarms website and the link to the free version doesnt even state what version number youd be getting if u began the download...very poor effort by zonealarm not to show the exact version..also you need to explain the difference to older versions,( so we can tell if its worth the risk/hassle getting your latest release) i only got the last version on 30june so less than 4 months later im hassled to upgrade...why???? and it goes wrong needing me to crash my pc, now doing lengthy disk check...wasting my time zonealarm..and when will you ever fix it so it doesnt go wrong every single day we use bittorent or bitcomet??????????? design it to keep up with these services please ps diskcheck listed zonelabs\updates\localcatalog.xml first alocation unit not valid and catroot\tmp17.tmp also not ok in my diskcheck..not a good start to getting latest zonealarm

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    ed_spurrell Guest

    Default Re: disapointed with zonealarm

    Hi there Friend,
    I have been using ZA for quite some time now and I have had a problem with ZA crashing for about a year. I would try many fixes but it would always come back.
    I was using
    torrent P2P client at that time. Someone suggested for me to change to another one. I changed to Azureus a while back and have not had a crash since.
    Why not change from Bittorrent or Bitcomet for a short while to see if they are the problem with your crashes.
    It is definitely worth a try

    Post back here and let us know please


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