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Thread: installation problems

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    kirkware Guest

    Default installation problems

    I had been using the trial version of ZA .
    I downloaded
    anti-virus version
    from the website. the download was complete but when i tried to install, something went wrong. now i cant access anything from ZA. When i try, I get a message from ZoneAlarm Client that says" ...has encountered a problem and needs to
    From here I have 2 options, debug or close. when
    I click on
    debug, i get the message "the exception unknown software exception (0xa3410004) occured in the application 0x7c812a5b."
    I tried to remove ZA from the control panel
    to try to re-install, but i get a message that says that true vector needs to be stopped. how do
    I do this? will this cure my problem of not being able to access ZA ANti-virus

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: installation problems

    Read thru a couple of these past posts -;q=0xa3410004<hr>Questions: post back answers1- have you properly un-installed any previous firewall and anti-virus?? = this needs to be done - - did you use any download managers or web accelerators( often used with dial-up) = [these conflict with ZA
    = should not be used]? during ZA install3 - please list other security software -
    ex. -anti-spyware Spysweeper, SpywareDoctor, SpyCatcher,
    etc. / monitoring/performance software - system mechanics, norton utilties/ backups/ ghosts4 - did you use Internet Explorer 6/ 7 or Firefox or others to download? IE 6/ 7 is preferred.

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    kirkware Guest

    Default Re: installation problems

    I'll answer your questions to the best of my ability, but please bear with me. I'm not very good with computers.
    1. I believe i did properly uninstall my pevious anti-virus software(trend-micro PCillin). i Think that because in order to use the trial version of ZA, i had to do this. So when i started the trial version, everything worked fine. no problems at all. as for the firewall, i still have the windows xp firewall, but it's turned off.
    should i delete this?
    2.i don't think i have any download managers or web accelerators. I don't know what they are much less installed them.
    But is there a way to find out just in case?
    3. i dont know if this falls under security software, but i do have a program thats called &quot;bit meter&quot;. it monitor's how much info i'm uploading and downloading and displays it on a graph.
    4. im imbarrassed to say this, but i dont know which internet explorer i'm using. but if it helps, i bought the computer from dell(inspiron E1705) this year. And it came with windows xp media center edition
    and IE.

    As i said, when i used the trial version, everything worked without any problems. It was when i switched over did the problems start. I don't remember if i mentioned this, But i get a message when i try to delete ZA from my computer via control panel, that i need to shut down true vector internet monitor, but i can't find that program.where can i find it? do other programs use true vector?i hope this help out

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: installation problems

    1 - First follow CLOSELY this instruction to remove completely ZA AV:
    You will probably need to perform most of the steps in SAFE MODE. Set your system to show hidden files and be careful on copy/paste the string in the windows search otherwise you will not find the files to delete...
    1A - NOW... do you have any security tool installed? windows defender, adaware, SpybotS&amp;D. SD, SS, HIPS, whatever? If yes, please remove them.Are you running any specific tool at boot? Monitoring CPU? Registry? Are you running System mechanics? Any proxy utility? If you can temporarily un-install/ shut-down/ shut-off the &quot;bit meter"software &lt;&lt; Just prior to downloading ZA - it is not a necessary tool for now. Do this.
    1B - Then Run a registry/system cleaner. ccleaner is quite good utility (
    2 - Re-download the installer from here (and do NOT use any download managers):
    &lt;&lt; remember you will have to pay for this version. Do not worry about Windows firewall; ZA will automatically handle it (Windows firewall is the default firewall of your pc). The trial version is for 15 days after that, it will stop.
    2A - Install with default settings, do not alter them....Once rebooted manual update the antivirus signature ('update now' under the antivirus tab)After the update perform a full antivirus scan.<hr>Question - Are you using dial-up? If so please give exact/full name.<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 10-25-07 - Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) - Neil Young

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