A couple years ago I renewed my subscription (3 pack) about a month earlier than the expiration date ZASS was showing me because it started the "Nag Routine" as its doing again now.
It provides a link to renew so I clicked on it and bought the subscription for my three PC's.
I entered the code into ZASS and it showed 366 days remaining on my subscription.
I should have had almost 30 days left over from my previous subscription
so it should have read 396 days.
I emailed customer service and was told essentially that was the way it was.
Nothing they could
do except
refund me for my new subscription and I could rebuy it when the other expired.
I have many pieces of software that are subscription and other than ZASS there are NO OTHER companies that do not just add days to
the current remaining days of your subscription.
A couple companies even allow you to buy a month at a time if you want and just add the days you need as you need them-- which is a little extreme even in my book.
However, on the other extreme we have Zone Labs that starts nagging you to renew 30 days in advance of your expiration but doesn't give you credit for days left and starts the clock ticking on the new subscription the minute you buy
it, not when you "APPLY" it.
Not only is this lousey customer relations but it stinks a little
like a con.
A big operation like Checkpoint can't upgrade the way it handles subscriptions so the customer gets the full benefit of the days purchased without making them "Pay On The Day" it's due?
Sounds a bit too convenient.
Is the answer still "...that's the way it is"?
I "have to" renew on November 22nd and this problem has irritated me since 2004 when I bought ZASS for the first time.

Another product that I am testing on
another PC adds
new days to what you have left-- I check this now on all my subscription products.
They're also a little cheaper and I like their Email Junk Filter better.
Shouldn't Checkpoint and Zone Labs join the 21st Century on this procedure?

Thank you for any information you can give me in this matter.