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Thread: Upgrade or not?

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    duffyfs Guest

    Default Upgrade or not?

    It's been so long since I posted I had to reregister as I'd forgotten my signons. Anyway, I've used ZAP back to the beginning and renew every year. Right now I'm running 6.1.744.001 and it's stable and doesn't conflict with any of the other apps I use. I know I'm paying for the upgrades, but every time I come up here to check the latest version even the gurus are in "wait for" mode. Is there a 7 version that works as well as what I'm using? If not, what am I paying for each year?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    a_l Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade or not?


    If you don't use the daily updating eg as in ZA Security Suite AND your license expires, why upgrade?

    You are happy, your machine is stable why be "Alarmed". I always wait till the second release after major new features are released (because of the poor QA). Even then I wait a few weeks till that fix-up release has stabilised before daring to upgrade.

    Then you can pay for the new upgrade and start the license period from that date. Don't be scared by the threat to make you buy a fresh copy following a certain period elapsing after your license period. Just go to the ZA home page and check out a new license copy price and then search for cheaper warehouse deals and you might even save on the cost of the license upgrade fee from ZA anyway.


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