I got the firewall off issue in Security Center after updating (clean install) to build .462 from build .408 and so I unchecked load at startup in ZISS. After rebooting (and before I booting ZISS 7) I went into the security center and it said that ZISS was installed and running. However, I had unchecked ZISS's load at startup, and yet it showed both the firewall and antivirus loaded when they appeared not to be. Also, when I ran my first antivirus scan, it allowed some apps (cthelper and mouseware for example) to monitor keystrokes. After denying those on a subsequent reboot, those are not being allowed to monitor keystrokes. Just a bit weird that ZISS allowed them after a timeout before I denied them. Never the less, all appears to be running as I normally expect ZISS to behave. Just an FYI and if I should do a reinstall, I'd appreciate being told to do so. Any advice is appreciated as always. I don't have Spysweeper installed, yet part of the security center seemed to think that I did and I can't delete any old entries for that in regedit.
If anyone has a direct link to the spysweeper uninstall app, I'd appreciate that.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite