When I uninstall/install ZASS, I've always assumed I need
to disconnect from the internet so that I won't be vulnerable during the process (especially when doing the whole, clean uninstall process first, which leaves the system open.)
When ZASS installs, it
recommends doing a "program scan" in order to configure itself.
When it does this, however, it specifically says to
"make sure you're connected to the internet."
Since it's not yet protecting the system, how can I safely connect to the internet at this point?
Don't I need to wait until ZASS is fully running and THEN connect to the internet, and if so, how do I do the "scan programs" process in this situation?
Can I do the scan process without being connected to the internet?
Is there a way of initiating this "program scan" AFTER the installation is complete?
I looked through the program and the instructions, but I didn't see any way of doing this -- it appears to ONLY be offered during installation, when ZASS is not yet protecting the system.
Thanks for any help with this,