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Thread: Update from ZoneAlarm Pro 7.0.337.000 to 7.0.462.000 ?!

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    xando Guest

    Default Update from ZoneAlarm Pro 7.0.337.000 to 7.0.462.000 ?!

    Hi all,
    I have the German Version of ZoneAlarm Pro 7.0.337.000
    installed on my Pc. Now i want to update to 7.0.462.000 but all i can find is the english version ! I like to know if there is a german version too ? Also, i have to unisntall my old ZoneAlarm Pro
    before i can install the
    new version,
    is that right ?And last Question: Yesterday i try'd to install Gdata Antivirus 2008 on my Pc (WinXP SP2)
    but after the installation i good reboots all the time because ZoneAlarm Pro
    crashed with the software. If i
    turn ZoneAlarm Pro off

    Antivirus 2008 workd fine. Is there a solution to that problem or is it fix'd in ZoneAlarm Pro 7.0.462.000 ?
    I hope for some help, thx

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    bluepencil Guest

    Default Re: Update from ZoneAlarm Pro 7.0.337.000 to 7.0.462.000 ?!

    Hello Xando,
    I am sorry but I was not able to find the German version of ZoneAlarm Pro 7.0.462.000.
    I had installed the English version of ZAP 7.0.462.000 on my PC without uninstalling the Japanese version of ZAP 7.0.337.000. No problem.
    And my Antivirus software is NOD32, I don't know Gdata Antivirus 2008, sorry.

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    Default Re: Update from ZoneAlarm Pro 7.0.337.000 to 7.0.462.000 ?!


    The Germanic version will come, but usually the translations are slow and well behind the English version. Japanese version usually comes late as well.


    GData had two seperate antivirus engines. It does some issues with a few firewalls. But I am unsure about conflicts with the ZA. Never seen or heard about user trying the Gdata in this forum.
    In order to fix the ZA/Gdata issue, I would suggest to uninstall both. then clean the dead files/registry/temp folders for both uninstalls, then install the GData once again and follow it's installation through to a proper end. Then install the ZA Pro once again. That should work. You may find using only one active engine at a time instead of both at the same time will have a better effect on the PC resources.

    Cheers, Oldsod

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    Best regards.

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