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Thread: ZA Internet Security Suite v7.1.078 - for Vista

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    softwareanalyst Guest

    Default ZA Internet Security Suite v7.1.078 - for Vista

    We have Vista Enterprise here.
    We've downloaded ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite v7.1.078
    and it seems that there is a problem with the installation.

    We've installed in the Virtual PC with Vista Enterprise w/SP1 and it works.
    But when we install it on the actual PC (Core2Duo and Core2Quad), the installation does not behave properly.
    It would freeze the screen like a snapshot and we cannot browse or move around in the desktop.
    The menu bar works, but when you select the program on the task bar, it's like a screen shot and cannot do anything.
    Interesting, when we boot into Safe Mode, the installation works.
    Restarted the computer into Safe Mode, the ZoneAlarm program doesn't come up, but it is running in the background--services.
    After successfully installing in Safe Mode and booting into regular mode, ZoneAlarm does not come up at all.
    The service is running the background.
    There is no way to bring up the program to modify the settings and stuff.
    I've spent ALL WEEKEND just to figure what the **bleep** is going on and the problem is pointing to ZoneAlarm.
    ZA works fine on Windows XP Pro SP2 and single core PCs...
    But when it comes to Core2Duo and Core2Quad with Vista Enterprise, it doesn't work properly.
    It would be nice if the folks at ZA would get the actual hardware to test out instead of running the tests on VMWare or Virtual PCs.
    Hardware used:Intel Core2Duo and Core2QuadKingston RAM - 4GBAsus P5K motherboard500GB SATA HDD
    Main Software used:Windows Vista Enterprise w/SP1 (and all updates)MS Office 2007Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition v10.2

    Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZA Internet Security Suite v7.1.078 - for Vista

    7.1 wil be exclusive to Vista only. {32 bit Vista OS - only
    you can use with 64 bit Memory Processors (AMD 64 bit, etc.) , but the Vista OS (OperatingSystem)
    should still be 32 bit }<hr>

    These ZoneAlarm firewall product are based on and geared for &quot;home/ personal/ version
    use&quot; not for enterprise use. The fact you have kept your Symantec anti-virus installed; and attempted to install ZA Suite with it's (Kaspersky anti-virus) = big problems = it can not be done. Further exacerbating your situation, your Norton is an enterprise version, which &quot;if&quot; you are allowed to remove - needs a special un-install Norton Removal Tool - which you 'really' should use - see -
    = use this Removal Tool instead of the one below. [check with Norton website to verify/ get the correct Removal Tool for your Enterprise version]

    Another thought, your Vista Enterprise may have additional security protocols/ features (more than the regular Vista home/ personal versions)
    that is preventing proper ZA installation.<hr>1- have you properly un-installed any previous firewall and/or anti-virus?? = this needs to be done -
    . Most new pc/laptops come with pre-installed security software, which should be properly un-installed prior to installing any ZA firewall product. <hr>2 - did you use any download managers or web accelerators( often used with dial-up) = [these conflict with ZA
    = should not be used]? during ZA install<hr>3 - please list other security software -
    ex. - anti-spyware: Spysweeper, SpywareDoctor, CounterSpy, SpyCatcher, Windows Defender,

    etc.= these should be temporarily shut-off/ shut-down
    prior to installing
    monitoring/performance software - system mechanics, norton utilties/ backups/ ghosts<hr>4 - did you use Microsoft Internet Explorer 6/ 7 or Firefox or others to download? IE 6/ 7 is preferred.<hr>Just One, Not Two -- Never use two software firewalls at the same time. Completely uninstall one before installing another. Use the vendor's uninstall utility or if not available, use the Windows XP add/remove software tool in the control panel.<hr>Just One, Not Two -- Never use two anti-virus products at the same time. Completely uninstall one before installing another. Use the vendor's uninstall utility or if not available, use the Windows XP add/remove software tool in the control panel.<hr>

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